Thursday, September 27, 2007

Will summer ever go away??!!

Well girlfriends, it's another hot, humid, yucky day here in MD. The mosquitoes are doing their "We're never leaving" happy dance and the flies are joining in! I had the a/c on the last few day and it seems like I'll have it on again today too. Mother Nature needs a swift one to the behind! Doesn't she know that it's officially Fall?? Ughhh.
I've been spending my "inside" days here making quilt squares for a quilt block swap on the MJF boards. So much cutting, but so much fun! I'm also sending out a cookbook for the cookbook swap in progress. Busy bee that I Today will be a stitch up the squares day after i get my youngest off to school and then I am going to take some pics of my recent projects. I am so proud of my work. I also scored 2 big bags of craft magazines from a fellow freecycler in my area so I have tons of projects in mind. Now if I could only find more hours in a day! lol
I should really be cleaning today. Company is coming to stay with us for a week or so. It's a friend of my hubby's and he's moving back here from Arizona. I guess I should get off of my duff and get to steppin'! Take care ladies and Happy crafting! Leave me a comment - I'd love to hear from ya!!!

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