Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Therapy...cont. lol

Today, I am making headbands. I am crocheting them to rid myself of that darn quilting episode! lol. I have decided to go buy a walker foot for my for my machine and see what happens. UGHHH...I was so hoping to be sewing it up and finishing it this week. Oh well, I guess I'll be crocheting headbands until I can get to the store. Will post pics of them (headbands) on here later.....

Hubby is home today sick. He's a big baby when he's not feeling well, so I was letting him sleep. As I write this, he is up sloshing around the house, grunting, and groaning. Makes me wonder if I act like that when I am sick...hmmmm. I don't think so, but hubby will probably say I do just to make himself look good. lol

Today is beautiful with a capital B !!!! I love this weather. A gentle breeze, sunshine, and the leaves changing color. I can open up my windows and air out the house!

My next project will be a clothesline. Here we have B Gand E for our gas and electric and if anyone knows anything about them - well they raised our prices 72% !! I do alot of laundry and I'm trying to be budget concious so a clothesline it is. Anywho - I'm going to go crochet some more while the kids are in school and the hubby is moaning. Take care and Happy Crafting!!


Nancy Jo said...

Hope that new machine part does the trick. Do you know someone you could ask some advise from to see what is going on with the quilt thing. Have someone who does a lot of sewing check the machine over for you, it might be some little thing that can cure all.
Your wreath is cute, see you made something!

GardenGoose said...

hey there! thanks for visiting my blog! I always love it when my farmgirl friends stop by to say "howdy".
have a lovely evening!