Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting for Fall.

I am really over this whole Summer thing. It's been way too hot here in MD and the humidity is making it worse. Not a whole lot getting done around here as far as the yard since it's so blistering hot. I did, however, get 4 more chicks and right now they are in their brooder growing like weeds!Not sure how my bigger hens will respond to them when they go outside soon - so I'm crossing my fingers that all will be well.
I haven't even had much time for crafting either. I've been working crazy hours and start working full time in a few weeks. Hubby is unemployed right now so I need to get out there and make that money!
Anyway, just wanted to stop in a let everyone know that I was still here and missing all my crafting buddies!Take care and Happy Crafting!