Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tribal Horse Designs new contest!!

Lisa, over at Tribal Horse Designs is giving away some pretty awesome jewelry! Just go to her Etsy store - , then go back to her blog ( and leave her a comment about an item in her store.. for each item you go back and leave a comment about you get 1 entry.
2) grab a cup of tea and take the time to read thru her blog........for every comment you leave in a receive one entry.
3) Blog about it on your forum you belong to...go back to her blog and leave her the link to the post about it. You will receive 5 entries for this
THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE AMOUNT OF ENTRIES YOU CAN HAVE. Lisa's goal is to do 2 things... traffic to her Etsy store and comments on her blog to raise it in the search engine results. You make a 100 comments get a 100 entries...simple as that :)

Lisa makes AMAZING altered art jewelry as well as vintage art pieces. I have a few of her pieces and always get such nice comments about them!

So what are u waiting for??? Go check out her site!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting for Fall.

I am really over this whole Summer thing. It's been way too hot here in MD and the humidity is making it worse. Not a whole lot getting done around here as far as the yard since it's so blistering hot. I did, however, get 4 more chicks and right now they are in their brooder growing like weeds!Not sure how my bigger hens will respond to them when they go outside soon - so I'm crossing my fingers that all will be well.
I haven't even had much time for crafting either. I've been working crazy hours and start working full time in a few weeks. Hubby is unemployed right now so I need to get out there and make that money!
Anyway, just wanted to stop in a let everyone know that I was still here and missing all my crafting buddies!Take care and Happy Crafting!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer in the burbs

Wow - it's been one crazy summer here. Between work, family, and the animals..I've been busy. It's been way too hot for Maryland this year and I'm seriously considering moving to a higher elevation in the
I've missed being on here posting and I need to get back in the swing of things. The kids have one month of summer vacation left and the heat is making it hard to enjoy. I can not wait until Fall.
I did go out and get 4 more chickens and they are soooo cute. I got 2 Welsummers, a Buff Orpington, and a Cute little Silkie! They are in my room in their brooder now, peeping and playing. I just love baby chicks :)
This summer my hubby and I decided it was time to expand our backyard, so it's been a slow, hot process. We're making headway though and by the Spring of next year - we should have a HUGE yard for the kids and animals! I am definitely getting a hammock to relax in. That will be my gift to myself for all the hard work :)
Anyway, I'm off to make dinner, but I'll try to keep up with my blog. No promises since summer is always hectic for me, but I'll do my best!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back again......

I was sitting here thinking about my blog today and what to say. It's been months since I've been on here and I feel everyone deserves to know why.
In late September, my cat Salem became very ill. For over 3 months, my husband and I took care of him, gave him meds, ran to the vet numerous times, and cried a lot. Salem finally left us on January 3rd 2010. He had bone marrow cancer and we just could not let him suffer anymore. He was the best cat I ever had and he will be missed terribly.
I have also been working day and night shifts at my catering job. The holidays took up alot of my time too. My van has been giving me a fit lately and as of today, it is getting repaired again :(
So, I've had my share of heartache and frustration these past 3 or 4 months. I apologize for not being on here.
Now, some good news. I adopted another kitty at the local shelter and she is so beautiful. She could never replace Salem, but Pika is a joy to be with and so lovable.
I have also been getting back to my crocheting and tote bag making. It keeps my mind off of things and relaxes me :)

So, I am going to post a few pics here and I hope to be back on here soon to give you more amazing thoughts from your suburban

This is new kitty :)

Casey (my puggle) and Gunner (my german shorthaired pointer) :)

Salem (RIP my baby, you are loved and missed)