Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I posted last. I have been so busy getting ready for Christmas, not to mention that everyone here at my house has been ill. Yuck.. :( I have been making scarves, gloves, decoupage boxes, ornaments, and going to my children's school for all of their parties.
My youngest turned 5 on the 12th and we had a little family party for her here. She had such a great time! My house is all decorated for the holidays in my "everything that is Christmas goes out" style. I have no theme. Never did. I love all of the handmade things from my 5 kids. I have stuff on my tree that is almost 20 years old from my oldest! My husband has did another over the top job on the front I'll try to post pics soon. My electric company is going to love us this season. LOL
The weather here is one word COLD!!! The wind is terrible and a hairdo does not have a chance! I'm staying warm inside today because the thought of waiting for my van to warm up is really
I should really be finishing up my Christmas shopping....last minute much?? I think I will do that tomorrow and Wednesday.
Anywho - I just wanted to give everyone an update of my life in the burbs since I posted last. I wish everyone the most blessed and joyful holiday season. Please stay safe and have a wonderful season! Happy Crafting....

Until next time everyone......