Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my Anniversary. It is 9 years of being happily married to my best friend. We're going out this saturday to Toby's dinner Theater in Baltimore! Charlie made reservations last week for us to see the show Beehive. I can't wait! It'll be so nice to get away for a night. I've been cooped up in the house for what seems like ages. Between the weather, sick children and school being cancelled or off due to holidays, I am behind on my organizing, crafting, and me time!

Now don't get me wrong - I love having my kids around me, but when you have a 9 year old boy and 8 year old girl constantly arguing, it gets a little old. I need to play referee at least every other hour...ugh. It's so much better when they are in school, come home, and have their time I try to do crafts with them, play the wii, and watch movies, but sometimes you need to just throw the towel in and keep them in seperate rooms for a

I have started a cute little scarf. I am making it with a filet cross in each section - getting a jump start on Easter, I guess. It's halfway finished, so I'll post a pic when I'm done. I'm thinking of doing a Valentine's one too if I have time with a heart in each section. Hmmmmmm...maybe.

My daughter wants me to get crafting so her and I can get a table this Spring at a Flea Market to sell our stuff. Her fiance is making bird houses, so we'll see. Maybe I can get a few more items made in time. I did make a few coffee can bird houses a week ago. My grandaughter helped me and they are sooooo cute!Let me see if I can get a pic on here soon :)

Well, I guess I should be a good wife and go get my Hubby an Anniversary
Take care everyone and Happy Crafting!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! I hope it's everything you all wish for! I'm not making any extreme resolutions this year, just gonna try to get healthier this year. What about you? Any plans for 2011? Maybe a new diet, or trying to stick to that budget?

Anyway, I haven't been on for a long time so I thought I'd catch up with what's been going on in the burbs....

The past few holidays have been good. It's great to be with family and friends (but also great when they all go Lots of good food, fun, and being sooo tired. I am ready to start the new year with a better ooutlook. Needless to say, 2010 was not a banner year....

To start off last year I lost my cat, Salem, to bone marrow cancer. Today is the one year anniversary of his death, so I thinking of him alot. I miss him dearly. Then in February, I lost my favorite hen, Annie right after our second blizzard. See? Told you 2010 was not a good year.

Then my hubby struggled to find a job while I busted my butt for chump change. I did quit the job and hubby found an awesome company to work for in November! The holidays were crazy with shopping, waiting for items in the mail and the rudeness of many Christmas shoppers. I vow to start in September this year!!!

So, here's to a terrific 2011! Keeping my fingers crossed that it is better than 2010.

Oh - one more thing... I resolve to do more crafting this year now that I am home and to update my blog at least once a week!

Take care and Happy Crafting!!