Monday, October 29, 2007

I of my son before homecoming!

This is my 16 year old son Matt before his homecoming dance last Saturday! Such a handsome little devil!! Don't let the looks fool ya though....he's definitely a teenager...ughhh.
He didn't have a date. He went in with 6 girls!! You know he thought he was the king of the homecoming! LOL
Ahhhh to be young again. *sigh*
Don't mind my mess in the looks better now. LOL

Better today..... also, Giveaway Reminder!!!!!!

I woke up today feeling better than I have in a week. Thank God! I am not an extremely religious person, but I do believe. I know that all my prayers have been answered since I feel better today. I was scared there for a while when the dizziness and nausea started. I think I scared my hubby silly too. I went out yesterday for awhile, did some laundry, and carved them punkins! lol. The punkins turned out so good! I'll post pics tomorrow (need to take that pic first).
This morning it is sooooo cold here in the good ole' Burbs. Not suppose to get past 60 degrees this afternoon. Fall is definitely here. I love it, but I'm not sure if the kids do. They said it was "freezing" this morning! LOL I don't think they remember what December and January bring!!
Since I had to relax while sick, I got alot of crocheting done, pinned up the final portions of my quilt blocks for the MJF swap, and gathered up some goodies for the giveaway! Which reminds me.......
To remind y'all.......
Send me a comment for the giveaway!! I am drawing a name on the 1st of November!! Tell me what you love about being a farmgirl! If you don't have a farm, it's ok - I don't either. Comment anyway because so many of us have the farmgirl spirit!! Scroll down a few post and jump on in!! I won't disappoint the winner - I have some cool stuff - don't forget the headband - made just for you in your color choice!!

Anywho - I'm jabbering on (told ya I felt better).lol I gotta go finish a scarf and get my baby girl off to pre-k in a few hours. Take care and Happy Crafting all!! Stay safe and healthy!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sick....and tired

I haven't been posting as much as I like lately. Doc told me that I have a viral infection so I must take it easy...yeah right, tell that to the kids! So here I sit, sick...and tired. I'm tires of putting drops in my eyes ( because that's where the viral infection started), and I'm run down because of the whole thing. Doc said either I take it easy or I can spend a week or so in the hospital! No thank you. I AM going trick or treating with the kids!! Well, since I haven't been able to do much, I've been getting some crafting done. My quilt blocks are almost done and ready to be sent out for the MJF swap, my ornament is 3/4 of the way done for the ornament swap, and I am working on a scarf for my MIL.
Hold on....need coffee...........

O.k, now with coffee in hand, I can finish.LOL Hubby has a 3 day refresher course for his plumbing back flow license, so I am mom and dad this weekend. I guess I get to do the punkin(as my kids call them) carving tomorrow night.
It's been raining here for 3 days now and suppose to continue until Sunday. I feel like I need to build an Ark!! It dreary and cold this morning so it makes me feel more tired. *yawn*.
Anywho, I guess it's time to go relax. Maybe I'll go lay back down with my little one until it's time for her to get up for pre-k. I don't know. Hopefully, I can get back here soon to post pics of my son before his homecoming dance. Such a handsome little devil! lol.
Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!! I promise what I have pictured here is not everything that you will get. I've been gatherin' up some cool stuff! If you don't comment, then you don't have a chance to win!.
*** I'll give y'all a hint - some of the things smell really nice!!

Take care and stay healthy all! Happy crafting!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My new Angel....

Went out to a place called "Tuesday Morning" the other day and hubby surprised me with a beautiful Angel! I had to put her out in the living room even though she's surrounded by Halloween Decorations! lol.
I also went to A.C. Moore and bought one of those foam kits for the kids. It's a haunted tree, so we'll put that together tonight! I'll post pics of that later.
The MJF ornament swap is still going on and I think mine is finished. I am still working on the quilt blocks and 20 other things too! My daughter wants me to help her make ornaments - I think I've rubbed off on her..YAY!!! She's thinking of joing MJF too so maybe we can get a chapter going soon! Anyway, I'm off to work on my quilt blocks while my youngest watches Shrek 2 for the hundredth time! Happy Crafting girlfriends and Take Care!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pumpkin Farm!!

Hubby, Noah, Jaelynn (my grandbaby), and Ally - check out the "guy" stuck in the hay! lol

Noah and Ally. Ally's "milking" Noah! lol

The kids "driving" the tractor! lol

Jaelynn making faces at the farm! I made that hat for her! How cute is she?? lol

We went to Knightondale Farm in Harwood, MD. The kids had such a good time. It wore me out! They pumpkin bowled, picked pumpkins from the patch, and played in the corn kernels! It was really fun. I think I go everyyear for myself too! I LOVE pumpkin farms!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Fall "Cause I can" Giveaway!!

OK - I know I promised to post this the other day.....but hubby took me out on a boat ride with his best friend and the kids. It was a LONG day! Yesterday was pumpkin farming with my little ones and grandbaby - so that's my excuses! lol Anywho - here goes........

I'm going to giveaway what you see above - 7 issues of Country Stitch and Country Crafts as well as a cross stitch sampler "On Marriage" . It's a really nice sampler, just the pattern though.

To sweeten up the giveaway, I am going to send a hand crocheted headband (the winner gets to pick the color they want) Look at my blog pic to see them. I'll make the winners headband after they tell me their color choice! Don't be shy either - any color!!!

Finally I am going to throw in a few mystery surprises! I PROMISE you will love them!!!

This will be fun - NOW THE CATCH...LOL

I want y'all to post on my blog -

What's the best thing about being a Farmgirl? Be honest!! lol Let it all hang out! lol

I will draw the winning name on Nov. 1st!

Have fun! Good luck! Make sure to put your name on your post. I don't know everyone yet. If you have an MJF name, please add that too! Thanks and Enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm back..again lol

This beautiful scarf was my swap gitft from Wendy (sunshine on the MJF boards)! This girl has talent!! Thanks so much Wendy! I'll be sure to have this around my neck this winter!!

I just wanted to post a few pics of my freecycle finds! I love that site. This is a Saturday Evening Post cookie tin. How cute is this!!

These are my freebie ornaments too. The tin and the ornaments came together. Hey, I see my jack 0' lantern peeking in the background!

Tomorrow, I will post a blog contest. I figured it would be fun to give someone a gift "just 'cause I want to". lol Details will be posted on the MJF boards (I'm Tammy Claxton on there) and here. See ya again in the am!!!

These beautiful fabric squares (above) are from Denise (levisgrammy) on the MJF boards. Thanks so much!!

This is a smple of the yard of fabric from Linda Geren (a rose) on the MJF board. Thanks so much!

These beauties are from Brenda's ( tuxedo cat on the MJF boards) blog contest that I won! Thank you for everything!

These wonderful quarters and vintage Halloween cards are from Tina Michelle (gardengoose on the boards). Thanks so much!

Hopefully this pic came out. This is from Tina Michelle also. She sent me some cool buttons too! I love this little teacup. I think it's going to be a pinkeeper!! Thanks again girl!

The paper stars and bookmarks that I make are from the beautiful paper that I've received from Lisa (tribalcime). She keeps bartering them and I'll keep swapping with her!! I wonder where she gets those papers?? I'd love to find out!

I am having so much fun on the MJF boards and swaps! I couldn't ask for a better group of farmgirl friends to chat, share, and barter with. They are the most caring, sharing, loving, beautiful women! I feel very blessed and lucky to have found them! {{BIG HUGS}} to each and every one of you!! You are what everyone in this world should be !! Well, I have more to post and I can only fit so many pics on one blog post. See ya all again in a few!!! Take care and Happy crafting!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, here I sit while everyone else is in bed. I haven't posted in a few days so this is a good time, I guess. I've been busy with the MJF swaps and barters. I've received so many beautiful things from my farmgirl friends and I promise to get pics of everything on here very soon. I've also been trying my hand at yo-yos. So far so good. My week is going to be very busy, but as soon as things slow down, I'll try to post a little more.
I wanted to thank Brenda for sending me the apple border, apron pattern, fabric, and candles for winning her blog contest! Thanks Brenda!!! Everything was so nice!
Hubby and I are planning our final camping trip for this year too. We are trying to get a group of our friends together to have a big camping weekend after Halloween. Hopefully we'll find a good place to take the kids. They are camping nuts! LOL
Anywho - I think I need to go to bed. 7 am rolls around pretty quick here. Take care and goodnight all!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Productive weekend!!

I FINALLY got the clothesline up that I have been asking hubby for! He put it up for me Sunday and I have been using it like crazy! I love the way clothes smell after being outside drying. We also brought my washer upstairs (another project I nagged him, and he also re-plumbed the basement so I have all new pipes! The back porch is clean, my drains are clear, and my laundry is swaying in the breeze! Life is good here in the burbs! My son's little dirtbike even got fixed! I think the hubby deserves a special dinner...Hmmmm, what to fix? Maybe some bbq ribs on the grill. Sounds good to me!
Today I'm going to make a clothespin bag for my new line. Hubby found a box of old blue jeans so one will be used for the bag. I'll post a pic when done. I never made one before, so this should be an experience! lol. My son was teasing me and asking if I was going to start growing my own veggies now since I already have my clothesline, my crafts, and I wash dishes with my crocheted dishcloths! lol. Got me thinking........I have room for a veggie garden, so why not?? I'll keep ya posted....
Anyway, I am off to start a clothespin bag! Wish me luck and Happy crafting!!!