Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Productive weekend!!

I FINALLY got the clothesline up that I have been asking hubby for! He put it up for me Sunday and I have been using it like crazy! I love the way clothes smell after being outside drying. We also brought my washer upstairs (another project I nagged him about..lol), and he also re-plumbed the basement so I have all new pipes! The back porch is clean, my drains are clear, and my laundry is swaying in the breeze! Life is good here in the burbs! My son's little dirtbike even got fixed! I think the hubby deserves a special dinner...Hmmmm, what to fix? Maybe some bbq ribs on the grill. Sounds good to me!
Today I'm going to make a clothespin bag for my new line. Hubby found a box of old blue jeans so one will be used for the bag. I'll post a pic when done. I never made one before, so this should be an experience! lol. My son was teasing me and asking if I was going to start growing my own veggies now since I already have my clothesline, my crafts, and I wash dishes with my crocheted dishcloths! lol. Got me thinking........I have room for a veggie garden, so why not?? I'll keep ya posted....
Anyway, I am off to start a clothespin bag! Wish me luck and Happy crafting!!!

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