Friday, September 26, 2008


I went out back yesterday and saw chickens! It was so funny. They belong to the man across the street and I took video of them. Now I want some chickens! They are so cute. They kids were laughing at them and my cats didn't know what to do.

Have a look........

Ok, now where do I get some chickens??

Have a great day everyone and Happy Crafting!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A few more finished projects and thoughts....

Could someone tell me why older "grown" children are more hard to deal with then the little ones? I'm talking kids that are grown and out on their own. Sometimes I just want to pull my hair out and go screaming down the street! If it's not one thing, it's another - i.e: jealousy, holding grudges, doing things that they know is just stupid, and the list goes on and on. Do they ever stop to think about the stress they cause their parents? Probably not or they do and don't care. I 'm at the point in my life where I feel like I need to ask my kids if it's ok for me to do anything! Isn't that awful?? Well, I have news for them - it stops here and now. They can hold grudges, be angry, and stomp their "adult" sized feet, and whatever else they need to do. I have a job now, and my life doesn't end because I have kids!! I need to do things that I enjoy and have friends of my own, and just live my life! I wonder how they'll swallow that pill?? Might be a little hard, but they'll get it down ;)

On a lighter note - I have 2 more finished creations and my crazy cat that I want to show

The first one is Ally's new hat. She likes it and she wants to wear it to school as soon as it gets a little cooler out. Took me a few hours to make with some leftover yarn. Turned out cool!

Number 2 is my Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf I love this and I may make some to sell.

I need everyone's opinion on it though - I don't want to waste my time making more if you all don't think that they would sell. So, please leave me a comment telling me what you think - should I make more or no? I appreciate any and all input!!

Finally - I had to post pics of my crazy cat Tyson. It must have been weird cat day at my house a few days back. Every time I turned around I caught him being weird! Anywho - enjoy the crazy cat

Well, I'll post pics now. Take care all and Happy Crafting!!

Ally's new hat

Breast Cancer Scarf

My CRAZY cat Tyson!

My Bumper Stickers came!

I received my American Farmland bumper stickers today and I am definitely putting one on my van and handing some out to the CraftyBay Farmgirls! Next week, when hubby gets his vacation pay, I'll make a donation to them. They have a cool website with tons of info on buying local and using local resources. There's some recipes too and I think that's cool!

Anyway, log on to their site and and check it out. It's a worthwhile cause.

Take care for now and Happy Crafting!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dinner and a Show!!

Wow, what a weekend! I had so much fun that I need a few days to recouperate! lol

My oldest daughter, Cindy turned 24 a few days ago and we went out Friday night to PF Changs. It was fun. I made her a special cake for thebig occasion. There were 16 of us and the waiters were busy! It was a great night and I was beat when I got home! :)

Saturday was Cindy's first "gig" at The Red House Tavern in Canton, MD. It's a small place with a small stage, but ya gotta start somewhere right? We packed the place and she sang her heart out!! Andy, the guitar player was awesome too!

Needless to say, I cried alittle. I am so proud of her. She dedicated a song to my hubby and told everyone how much she loved him and he cried. It was a wonderful, unforgettable night! As soon as Andy puts the video on disc (I had to use an older camcorder), I'll post a song on here for everyone.

Yesterday was busy too. The family was over for dinner and Charlie cooked ribs and chicken on the grill. I made Kale and Patsa Salad. yummmmmm

Anyway, I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend. I did get a little crochet time in and I'm almost finished another project.

I'll post some pics now, so Happy Crafting and take care everyone!!

Cindy's guitar cake...made from cupcakes!

The tavern sign out front ...her band is Shades of Shame!

Red House Tavern

Cindy and Andy on stage!

Posing for a pic

Cindy, Andy, and Kelly (doing backup)

Some of the gang from Sat. night.

Charlie, me, and Cindy...We are so proud of her!

Check out her arm..the tattoo says "mom"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crocheted pillow and thoughts of the day.....

Well, I got bored the other day and decided that my youngest daughter needed a So, I picked up my hook and started making granny squares. I ended up with a pretty cool pillow and best of all Ally loves it! So all in all it was a good crochet day!! I put a few pics at the bottom of the post (of course!)

Friday is my daughter Cindy's (the rockstar...ha!) belated birthday/ first gig dinner at PF Changs. I'm venturing in to Baltimore City to check it out and have dinner with my family and some of Cindy's friends (17 of us total!!!) It'll be fun. I just went and had my hair cut for the occassion. GO ME!! I treated myself to a new shirt for the job interview I have tomorrow- or processing like they call it (makes it sound like they're gonna make cheese or something, doesn't it??). I also went to the craft store and bought myself some tea light candles and wax melts in fall scents. Mmmmm, love that pumpkin spice scent!

Saturday is the big gig. I am still in the process making a special shirt to wear on Cindy's big day. I'll post pics of that when I'm finished it. So far, it rocks! I am very proud of it.

You know, I really hate shopping, but today was a good day. My head feels 10 lbs. lighter because I had ALOT of hair. I still do, but it's layered and feels so much better. I found a cute shirt, went to my favorite place (the craft store) and everything went well.

So, I am gonna leave my blog for y'all to read and I hope everyone has a great day today.

Oh, by the way - here is my thought for the day:

Treat yourself every once in a while and stop putting yourself last. It'll make you feel better...Promise!!

Take care all and Happy Crafting!

Ally's new pillow in her favorite colors!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

American Farmland Trust

I just found (on the MJF website) a post about a wonderful website called American Farmland Trust!

I took the pledge to support my local farmers and I think everyone should. They have a TON of information on their site that helps you support local farmers.

Take a look and see for yourself! Here's the link -

You'll be amazed at everything we can do to help our local farmers!

Stopping in for an update

Well, my grand baby finally turned 2 on Sunday! We had a BIG party at my house for her and of course, she received a ton of presents. It was really fun, with family, friends, and alot of kids there. The food was sooo good (my hubby is a grill, and there were pasta salads, cake, brownies, deviled eggs, my famous potato salad and my even more famous meatballs! lol

I baked my grand baby an AWESOME cupcake cake. It turned out so cute, that I had to take pics of it and post them here (along with some from her Disney Princess Party).

This week I started an Etsy shop and so far I have sold 2 things! YAY! While I don't ever expect to make a fortune off of this, it is exciting when you sell something! I mostly have vintage and not so vintage sewing patterns on right now. I'm trying to unclutter my collection. I also have a couple of handmade purses too. Just look up bigdogmom130's etsy shop and that's me!

Well, let me post these pics because I still have a handful of patterns to post!

Have a great day, stay cool and dry, and Happy Crafting!!

My #2 Cupcake Cake! I used 26 cupcakes for this!

Jaelynn getting ready for 2 birthday cakes! She is sooo spoiled.

Yummmmm... Mom Mom's cupcake cake!

Wow, that's a big gift! lol