Monday, October 15, 2007

My Fall "Cause I can" Giveaway!!

OK - I know I promised to post this the other day.....but hubby took me out on a boat ride with his best friend and the kids. It was a LONG day! Yesterday was pumpkin farming with my little ones and grandbaby - so that's my excuses! lol Anywho - here goes........

I'm going to giveaway what you see above - 7 issues of Country Stitch and Country Crafts as well as a cross stitch sampler "On Marriage" . It's a really nice sampler, just the pattern though.

To sweeten up the giveaway, I am going to send a hand crocheted headband (the winner gets to pick the color they want) Look at my blog pic to see them. I'll make the winners headband after they tell me their color choice! Don't be shy either - any color!!!

Finally I am going to throw in a few mystery surprises! I PROMISE you will love them!!!

This will be fun - NOW THE CATCH...LOL

I want y'all to post on my blog -

What's the best thing about being a Farmgirl? Be honest!! lol Let it all hang out! lol

I will draw the winning name on Nov. 1st!

Have fun! Good luck! Make sure to put your name on your post. I don't know everyone yet. If you have an MJF name, please add that too! Thanks and Enjoy!!!


Nancy Jo said...

Being a MJ farmgirl at heart and meeting so so many great women with so so many ideas to share is ONE of the best parts of being a farmgirl.

Mayhem Mommy said...
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Mayhem Mommy said...

My favorite thing about being a farmgirl is the great advice thoughts and simplicity of talking with women who have been there done that or are there now and doing it, and by their words of wisdom being encouraged that I am on the right track and that my rocker is rolling the right way and I have not come completely off it!
Love your Blog Tammy

P.S. Just had to tell best friend is a Charlie too...only I call him C.R. ;) <3

Bright Meadow Farms said...

Oh what fun! My favorite thing about being a farmgirl is that feeling of self-sufficiency and can-do attitude - no matter what befalls us, with faith in God and support from our friends, neighbors and fellow farmgirls, we will get through it and SHINE!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

My favorite thing about being a farmgirl at heart is…

**to see nature at work without the interference of noise and light pollution!

**to enjoy and participate in the birth of dairygoats, handraising the kids, mucking out the barn, enjoying the hilarious characters that chickens possess! in awe of the birth of all the insects and the detailed rituals of their lives...making goat cheese and other natural culinary delights.

**For me...farmgirl represents a state of mind as well as a state of living. Whether you are on the farm or not..once you've experienced the sheer delight of living simply you will never loose the feeling or knowledge of how to do it over and over again!

Sue said...

I'm so glad you came to visit my blog and signed up for my giveaway, now I'll sign up for your wonderful goodies. Being a farmgirl to me is all about being creative and sharing with others, and like NancyJo said, have met so many great women! Hope your feeling better soon!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

best thing about being farmgirl is the satisfaction i feel after hauling 5 trucklaods of dirt with a 2 gal bucket from front to backyard. I know my garden will be awesome next year --I wont have to go to grocery for much of anything. If i wasnt a farmgirl at heart i never would of done this :)