Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, here I sit while everyone else is in bed. I haven't posted in a few days so this is a good time, I guess. I've been busy with the MJF swaps and barters. I've received so many beautiful things from my farmgirl friends and I promise to get pics of everything on here very soon. I've also been trying my hand at yo-yos. So far so good. My week is going to be very busy, but as soon as things slow down, I'll try to post a little more.
I wanted to thank Brenda for sending me the apple border, apron pattern, fabric, and candles for winning her blog contest! Thanks Brenda!!! Everything was so nice!
Hubby and I are planning our final camping trip for this year too. We are trying to get a group of our friends together to have a big camping weekend after Halloween. Hopefully we'll find a good place to take the kids. They are camping nuts! LOL
Anywho - I think I need to go to bed. 7 am rolls around pretty quick here. Take care and goodnight all!

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