Thursday, October 11, 2007

These beautiful fabric squares (above) are from Denise (levisgrammy) on the MJF boards. Thanks so much!!

This is a smple of the yard of fabric from Linda Geren (a rose) on the MJF board. Thanks so much!

These beauties are from Brenda's ( tuxedo cat on the MJF boards) blog contest that I won! Thank you for everything!

These wonderful quarters and vintage Halloween cards are from Tina Michelle (gardengoose on the boards). Thanks so much!

Hopefully this pic came out. This is from Tina Michelle also. She sent me some cool buttons too! I love this little teacup. I think it's going to be a pinkeeper!! Thanks again girl!

The paper stars and bookmarks that I make are from the beautiful paper that I've received from Lisa (tribalcime). She keeps bartering them and I'll keep swapping with her!! I wonder where she gets those papers?? I'd love to find out!

I am having so much fun on the MJF boards and swaps! I couldn't ask for a better group of farmgirl friends to chat, share, and barter with. They are the most caring, sharing, loving, beautiful women! I feel very blessed and lucky to have found them! {{BIG HUGS}} to each and every one of you!! You are what everyone in this world should be !! Well, I have more to post and I can only fit so many pics on one blog post. See ya all again in a few!!! Take care and Happy crafting!!

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