Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back again......

I was sitting here thinking about my blog today and what to say. It's been months since I've been on here and I feel everyone deserves to know why.
In late September, my cat Salem became very ill. For over 3 months, my husband and I took care of him, gave him meds, ran to the vet numerous times, and cried a lot. Salem finally left us on January 3rd 2010. He had bone marrow cancer and we just could not let him suffer anymore. He was the best cat I ever had and he will be missed terribly.
I have also been working day and night shifts at my catering job. The holidays took up alot of my time too. My van has been giving me a fit lately and as of today, it is getting repaired again :(
So, I've had my share of heartache and frustration these past 3 or 4 months. I apologize for not being on here.
Now, some good news. I adopted another kitty at the local shelter and she is so beautiful. She could never replace Salem, but Pika is a joy to be with and so lovable.
I have also been getting back to my crocheting and tote bag making. It keeps my mind off of things and relaxes me :)

So, I am going to post a few pics here and I hope to be back on here soon to give you more amazing thoughts from your suburban farmgirl...lol

This is Pika..my new kitty :)

Casey (my puggle) and Gunner (my german shorthaired pointer) :)

Salem (RIP my baby, you are loved and missed)

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kpaints said...

So sorry to hear of your sadness. Nothing can replace our pets. Keep you chin up if you can. :D