Monday, September 17, 2007

Quilting disaster!

I thought I was ready to machine stitch my quilt today... hahaha, what a joke! My machine wants to eat my material, knot up the thread, and my needles are breaking. I tried everything - putting on a darning plate, changing the tension, taking off the presser foot, putting it back on. I am so upset right now I could cry! I have been trying to get this quilt finished for months. The kids are in school now and I have the time, but no I have a monster machine! Worst thing is that it is brand new!! I know I am doing something wrong that probably only requires a simple fix! HELP!!!! Oh well, maybe I should stick to crochet, plastic canvas, and pillow making...*sigh*

On a lighter note - isn't it beautiful this time of year?? Today is gorgeous and the leaves are starting to change. I haven't had my a/c on in days. Feels so good to open my windows and get to crafting! I was thinking of starting an Etsy account, but I am leery about that. I'm also afraid that my stuff won't sell. I guess I'll never know unless I try. Maybe I'll go to the craft store today to buy a quilting needle or two for my machine to try, try again! Anyway, besides feeling like a cold is coming on and my sewing machine is alive, things are great! lol Take care and have a great day. Happy crafting!

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