Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today is so beautiful! The sun is shining and its only 70 degrees F . I love it! I can feel Fall now. I am so excited and ready to get to crafting my holiday gifts and decorations. I did make myself a promise, though. I have to get my quilt done by the weekend. It's been a work in progress a quite some time now. I ahve also gathered up some recipes to post on here, so tomorrow should be recipe day. I am going to go enjoy this day.... I'll try to post more later, but if not, oh well, at least I have a good excuse - today is just too beautiful to waste!!

OH, before I forget - I just wanted to post some of the things I have finished over the week. I made a purse, a cell phone holder and a change purse. Also, I have made a tooth fairy pouch and there are a few more in the works. Happy Crafting and have a terrific day!

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Nancy Jo said...

Hi Tammy,
Thank you for stopping by my site. Love to see a new name.
Such a nice comment about my first apron, of course now I will have to make several hundred.
Come and see me again and keep bloging, I know you will like it.