Tuesday, January 29, 2008

List of things to do before I leave this world....

Today's been one of those rainy, dreary days that gets ya thinking about crazy stuff! Since my house is all peaceful and it's just little old me here, I've been thinking of things that I want to do before I leave my place in this world. So, I have compiled a list of "MUST DO'S".

Here it is. lol

1. Travel abroad and visit as many castles as I can. I love anything and everything about castles and medieval times.

2. Drive one of those little European cars on the other side of the road!!

3. Buy a brand new Dodge Ram quad cab pick up truck with the BIG Hemi motor (diesel). GRRRR..lol

4. Get another tattoo...I have a wizard on my right shoulder and I would love a dragon on the left shoulder.

5. Renew my vows with my hubby. I know...awwwwwww

6. Get a house in the country - either a farm or a HUGE Victorian (it has to have a turret)

7. Travel the U.S and see something other than this darned Mid Atlantic area! lol

8. Learn how to do stained glass windows...ahhh how I love stained glass.

9. Take that honeymoon that my hubby and I didn't get 6 years ago - Hey , maybe that's where the castles could come in......hmmmmm

10. Fix up our old '60 New Yorker and show it off.

11. Drag race just once...or twice..lol

12. Get Lasix surgery on my eyes and a tummy tuck, butt tuck, chin tuck, and a boob lift ...oh, rambling again..sorry.lol

13. Go to Australia and have some shrimp on the barbie mate!

14. Visit Canada and do some sightseeing

15. And finally, for now, be here long enough for all of my kids to tell me "Thanks, Mom - I know now that everything you did was for us".

Now, I know my list may seem crazy, but I'm a little crazy anyway (in a good way, not clinically lol). Hopefully I got my friends on here thinking about what you all would like to do before you leave this world. I have already accomplished so much, but, there is always room for more!! I know my list will probably change over time due to circumstances in life. It's just fun to think about everything there is to do in this world and what you'd like to do in it!!

Anywho - Take care ladies and Happy Crafting


myfairlady said...

I love your list- it has me thinking about some of my own hopes and dreams... Thanks for being an inspiration

Freedom Valley Farm said...

love your 'bucket list' gurlfren .. you go for it! xo, frannie