Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Waiting for the snow/rain to come

Well, I'm sitting here with my youngest child (she's 5), and waiting for the snow/rain mix to come. We're hoping for just snow, but in MD. you usually get a mix of stuff that is, well, a pain in the butt to deal with! The other kids have a half day of school today, so after 12:45pm, I'll have a full house. I'm going to try to get something done around here today, but I have two speeds going right now...slow and stop! lol

Hmmmm. maybe if I concentrate long and hard enough - the rain will stay away and it will just snow, snow, snow! I need to live in the upper Midwest or Northeast! I love snow. There is something about watching it fall that is so peaceful.

Anywho - I have been making tote bags out of some leftover jean tops. I saw Lisa's (tribalcime on MJF) purses and they are beautiful. While I don't need any more purses, I decided to take the leftover jean tops and use them for totes. This way I can go to the library with the kids and carry the books home in them.

The leftover jean tops came about from cutting denim squares for Alee on MJF. A fellow farmgirl and her family are going through a very difficult time right now and Alee has been kind enough to make our fellow farmgirl and her daughter quilts from denim squares. Alot of us on the MJF boards are donating denim squares. I know the quilt will be beautiful when done! I have been lighting a small candle everyday and saying prayers for our farmgirl friend and her family.

Anywho - I have rambled on enough for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and stays warm!! Take care and Happy Crafting!!!!

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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

"have enough purses " NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! Sides gotta have something to do with all the jeans i cant wear :P