Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Fridgie

Rebekah (22shortie) from MJF wanted us to show our fridgies! so for her and her blog - I am posting some pics of my junked up

Here they are...are you sure y'all are ready for this????

My fridgie is packed with school art, photos of the kids, schedules for school, a calendar, and magnets, magnets, magnets! Junky or what?? lol


pumpkin seed said...

awww! I love all the little coloring pages and art projects on there! I can't wait till Abby starts drawing pictures for my fridge!

Darlene said...

lol I love your fridge. mine looks similar, except my kids are older now so not so many drawings hehe. Every now and then I think.. I am going to clean this up ...unclutter it.. and in a few days its back to its comfy old cluttered self!