Monday, April 21, 2008

FARM GIRL BLOG -A-THON WEEK 3 "Domestic Bliss/In the Kitchen"

Well, it's week 3 and the blog-a-thon seems to be going strong!

Tina - has given us a new theme this week. So, I am going to try to put up a few pics of my kitchen, along with a recipe for some really great meatballs! I don't have a pic of my meatballs, but I promise that they look and taste great!

My kitchen theme is birhouses. I love them! I also love to watch the birds eat the suet cakes I hang for them in the backyard. This past week we have aquired some new friends - Downy Woodpeckers! They are so beautiful! They let you get very close to them and watch them eat so the kids love that. We also have the usual Oriole (our state bird), and bluejays, cardinals, nuthatches, wrens, and blackbirds. The Woodpeckers are so sweet, though. I'm trying to get a good pic of them and will post one as soon as I do.

Anyway, back to my kitchen. It's always busy in there and something is always cooking! I guess my country kitchen also qualifies me as a I admit, my kitchen is a bit full of all of my stuff, but I like it!

My recipe for meatballs is one that I made myself. My secret to the sweetness is grape jelly. Once I started using it, everyone was coming out with recipes using jelly! Go figure, huh?

Here is my meatball recipe and pics to follow:

"Tammy's sweet and sour meatballs":

1 large bag of frozen italian style meatballs

2 tbs. grape jelly

2 regular size cans of Manwich or 1 large can

1/4 c. worchestshire sauce

1 tsp. Franks hot sauce

pinch of salt

1 tsp. pepper

Put all ingredients in a crock pot set on medium heat and mix well. Stir occassionally so meatballs and sauce won't burn. Serve on sub rolls with parmesan cheese sprinkled on them or by themselves with a side dish. Enjoy!

These are always a hit at parties and I'm always asked to bring them. They never last long! lol

O.k, here are pics of my kitchen:

My kitchen cabinets with some birdhouses added on.

My grandmom's antique hutch cabinet. One of my favorite things!

Some of my birdhouses

More birdhouses (I have an

My view from the back porch off of the kitchen.

So, as always, my inner farmgirl strikes again!

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GardenGoose said...

you have a darling kitchen Tammy..I also have a bird theme in my kitchen..gosh I should have taken pictures.
Thanks for sharing the meatball recipe..I have heard of adding grape jelly to homemade spaghetti sauces.
this sound goods.

Jessica said...

I love the birdhouses in your kitchen. I have a few in my bathroom. I have got to try that recipe! Sounds delicious