Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Farmgirl Blog -A- Thon ( Farmgirl Heart)

I'm jumping on the bandwagon forthe Blog-A-Thon this week! Our them is: WHAT BEING A FARM GIRL MEANS TO YOU.

So, here is my answer and a pic or two:

To me, being a farm girl isn't about just owning a farm (because I don't). It means sharing, helping others, being self sufficient, doing what is right, and keeping things real. It also means knowing how to respect and treat others and helping others in a time of need.

I don't own any farm animals (I'd love to have some chickens and a goat), but that doesn't mean that I don't have a farm girl heart. I love my crafts and I love giving others my creations. I also love being outside and camping with my family. The smell and sight of a campfire is so calming to me. I could sit by one for hours. I love getting my hands dirty and cleaning up my yard, stacking firewood, and coming up with ways to improve my acre of land.

Maybe one day I will own a farm, but until then I am satified that I have what I have - my family, my friends, a place to lay my head, good food in my stomach, and my "inner craftiness".

I am a farm girl! I have a farm girl heart and I am proud of that! I have a huge group of farm girl sisters who all care about each other. We may never meet each other face to face - but I still know in my heart that they are my "family". We feel sad when our sisters are sad, hurt when they hurt, and celebrate with them when they are happy! Isn't that what family does?

So, to my extended family I say thank you for being my sisters! I love and admire each of you for your hearts and for your talents!

I don't have many pics of my farm girliness (is that even a word??), but I will post what I think are:

This is my sign over the porch - It fits our house well!

My cute picture frame from the thrift store!

One of my creations - thinking of selling it.

Another creation of mine. I love this table!

My favorite place in the yard - my firepit!

The view from my back porch after a good rain.

Another creation...

My youngest daughter, Ally.

Future farm girl in training!!! lol

Last, but in no means least - If you want to know more about us farm girls and just how cool we really are, just check out my favorite website! http://www.maryjanesfarm.com/

Her site is full of interesting ladies who are talented, caring, and the sweetest bunch of farm girls you will ever meet!!

If you want to join in on the blog-a-thon, check out Tina's site - http://gardengoose.blogspot.com/

Well, that's all for today..WHEW! Check out MaryJane's site and Happy Crafting everyone!!


Nancy Jo said...

That was a nice post and how cute your daughter is.
I was going to do the blog thing but then I didn't. I guess I post so much everyone knows just about all they want to know about me. HA.
Was hoping the new MJ magazine would come today, but not yet. I have them all except the very first one. I see some of the girls got theirs.
Off to take my shower and do some reading. The little ones were here most of the day, wore me right out.

GardenGoose said...

so glad you joined in Tammy. loved the post and all the photos.you said it all perfectly.

Beemoosie said...

I love seeing your photos Tammy!! You said it all so well!! We almost have DH convinced we need a firepit in the pack yard! I could sit and enjoy for hours!!