Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Been Gone Awhile

Sorry I haven't put any new posts on for awhile. Things have been really hectic here in the burbs. I'll spare everyone the whole story, but lets just say that it's been one thing after another. I haven't had much time for crafting either. Hubby and I even canceled a camping trip for Mother's Day weekend because of everything going on. If you check out MaryJane's Farm on occasion, you will get a feel for what's up in my world right now.

On a lighter note, we are going camping this weekend, so maybe I can relax for a few days. Believe me, I NEED IT!!!!!! I'll take some pics and post on here when I get back. We're going to Fort Whaley down near Ocean City, MD on Saturday, Sunday and coming home on Monday. I wish it could be for a week because I could use all that time to clear my head and get away from it all.

Anywho, I'm going to go and start my camping list. I hope everyone has a wonderful, sunny weekend and I'll post again when I return.......

Take care and Happy Crafting!!!


Bonne said...

Hope you're doing better, Tammy. I just love your little crocheted dragonflys!! I'm thinking those would be adorable stitched onto a summer skirt or a crocheted summer tank. hugs, Bonne

Beemoosie said...

I hope you enjoy the camping trip and get some peace and rest out of doors.

SirenSongStudios said...

Hey, Tammy. How was the camping trip? I hope you all got some space to breathe and renew. My thoughts are with you, Sam and the whole family in these difficult times! Hugs to All!

PS: I finally set (or started anyway) my first blog. I can't go on forever only being know as "Chicken Necker"! ;)

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

i hope you are doing better now!!! love all the pics