Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back in the Burbs...

Well, I'm back from my campin' trip and it wasn't long enough for me. I had fun and so did the hubby and kids. It did give me some time to clear my head and I definitely needed that! I did manage to crochet a few washcloths on the way to the campground (hubby laughs at me, but I get bored in the passenger seat!)

We traveled down to Ocean City and rode along Ocean Gateway and took in all the classic cars that were down there for cruisin' weekend Saturday night. Charlie is a big gearhead so he was in heaven! Sunday, we drove to Assateague Island and let the kids see the wild horses as well as had lunch and tried our hand at fishing in the campground pond. It rained Sunday afternoon so fishing was cut short and we all went back to the camper to stay dry. Charlie bought Noah and Ally new bikes the day before our trip so they were really surprised Saturday morning when Dad opened the garage and two brand new bikes were in there!

Monday, we took the kids to the Salisbury Zoo. I think I had more fun than the kids! lol Admission there is free and you can donate a few dollars at the gate to help feed the animals. It was a beautiful day for a Zoo trip and of course the littleo nes hit us up for something at the gift shop!

Anywho - I'm gonna post some pics of my weekend for everyone: I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Take Care and Happy Crafting!

Noah and Ally's new bikes!

View behind our campsite - beautiful!

3 baby birds on site #30

Our popup and campsite.

Horses at Assateague Island

Beautiful Tropical birds at the Zoo


Flamingos - beautiful!

A Brazilian Cavy - looks like a rabbit with long legs and short ears.

Peacock - So gorgeous!

Otters - Too cute!

I hope you enjoyed my pics!


SirenSongStudios said...

Glad to see you had a good time! Loved the pics, also. And Thanks! You gave me a good "I'm bored" summer remedy for the girls. Fun, free and educational (yeah, right;)

Hugs, Sherry

Bonne said...

How fun! Great pics!
I knit/crochet in the passenger seat too~ya gotta do something creative!! hugs, Bonne

Bonne said...

Tammy, I've put in my second order for the Sugar 'n Creme yarn!! It's in NC, so it shouldn't take long to get to you~takes a week for me. (in colorado)I've found it's more equitable(shipping costwise) to place 1 big order than small ones. The prices for the cones are the same as at Walmart, but you get all the selection. If you want to see some samples, I'll send you some~colors don't always come across right. I got many of the worsted wt. "ombre" colors, so just "holla" if there are any you want to see, as I may have them (by 5/29 that's my next shipment) ~B