Friday, August 1, 2008

Posting away......

Ok, it's soooo HOT here today and I am SICK of Summer! I know that some of you love summertime, but I am one of those Fall/Winter type of gals that love leaves changing colors and that cold white stuff on the ground :) I still love all of you summertime folks anyway ;)

I do have some pics of my newest creation. I found the pattern on a website: and it's for plus size sexy momms like me! lol
I think it turned out really well and I hope the hubby likes it too!

So without futher is my newest, hottest creation!!

Anywho, take care all and Happy Crafting


Bonne said...

That's beautiful Tammy! I was surprised at how nice and cool crocheted cotton things are to wear. Keep 'em coming. I'm on a crocheting roll too. ;)

corrine said...

I love it! I keep meaning to crochet myself come cute bikini type tops, but never get around to it...maybe this winter.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

that is so cute !