Friday, August 29, 2008

My newest creation and back to school

Today has been soooo dreary :( I watched my granddaughter for a little while and now it's time to post my latest finished creation and some back to school pics. I made another "nightie" for my hubby ;), and took some pics of the little one's first day of school. Noah started school first and then Ally started a few days later. Poor Noah went back to school with a bad case of poison ivy on his face! I felt so bad for him and he had trouble sleeping at night. He's much better today, though. He's back to his handsome little self!

Hopefully I can get another project started on my crochet hook. I pulled out all of my old issues of the "Workbasket" magazines and seperated them. Most will go on my Etsy shop, but a handful I'm going to keep. I'm also posting a ton of vintage and retro patterns on there too. It takes forever to get everything on there! Finally, I have some handmade purses that I'm gonna put on my Etsy shop!

Maybe I'll make a few buck with the Etsy shop. I hope so.

Anywho - check out my pics and Happy Crafting!

Noah - poison ivy and all!

Ally - so excited to go to school!

Noah and Ally on her first day!

My newest nightie!


Bonne said...

ooooooOOOOOOOoooo....LOVE THE NIGHTIE!! I'm thinking that's maybe something I could figure out......hugs, B

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

the nightie is beautiful!!!!!!!!