Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lots going on...not all good.

Well, I've been MIA again and I'm so sorry :( Things on the old homestead have been crazy lately.

My father in law was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and we have all been helping out with him and my mother in law. Then right after Mother's Day, a fox killed 3 of my hens. I was devastated. I would have bet money that my chicken run was safe.I would have lost :(

My second oldest daughter announced that she was pregnant...again. I have a beautiful 4 year old granddaughter by her and 2 grandsons who are up in heaven. This pregnancy is not going to be easy and since day 1 she has been going thru hell. It's been bed rest for the last 6 weeks and me being Grandmom x10 to my granddaughter. I don't mind at all, but it gets exhausting at times. I also have an 8 y/o and a 10 y/o to take care of. Can you say BUSY??

Hubby and I had to move the chicken coop and the run to the other side of the yard which took over a week - the pool needing cleaning and filling - all done now. There are other issues, but I won't get into those here.

Anyway, I have had time to make an Ipad case for myself (I won one from a local radio station - yay me!) I also have a few sewing projects in the works. My Spring cleaning has even started yet...ughh. I need to start that soon.

School ends here in a few days, so hopefully I can get some things done while the kids are in the pool... maybe I can even get them to help me (yeah right).

I'm trying to be positive about all of the things going on right now. My FIL is getting better with his chemo and meds, The chickens are safe now, and my grandson is still in his Mommy's belly!

I hope to have a much more positive post here soon. In the meantime, keep crafting and keep smiling - that's what I am trying to do! :)

Pic above is my new chicky babies!!

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kpaints said...

Glad to see you wishes for your daughter's health and the baby too! A little prayer for all of you!