Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New chick pics and a few other things....

Between my kids, cats, the dog, and my chickens - I've been really busy! I've also taken up some gardening and so far, it's going good. I can't wait to get the first fruits and veggies off of their vines!
Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and weekend. Mine was good. Had the family over for some good food and a few laughs! I've missed blogging lately. I haven't even started any craft projects yet. My hands are itching for the crochet hook, but I've just got so much going on. I have been looking for some new patterns and thinking about using up my "plarn" stash to make a cool tote bag for the grocery store or maybe a rug. Who nows? I always change things up at the last minute! lol
Well, I'm off to look at a few friends' blogs, so here are some new updated pics of my chicky babies for you to enjoy. They are getting sooo big!

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