Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My own little "Farm"

Well, I did it! I bought 4 baby chicks Saturday and it's been a blast so far! I have 2 Golden Comets (Shelly and Goldie - my friends Carol's chick) and 2 Ameracaunas (Daisy and Annie). They are so cute and feisty! They are a week old today and getting bigger everytime Ilook at them. Hubby and I are going to fix up the coop and run for them very soon and hopefully before Fall I will have some fresh eggs from my girls :)

I've also put in my square foot garden :) Since my camera wants to act up, I can't take pics of it right now, but hopefully by the end of the week I'll have some to show you all. My squash, lettuce, cukes, marigolds, spinach, and broccolli are sprouting up and I'm so excited! Last time I attempted to grow anything in my yard, I was so upset and gave up. This time there is hope! YAY.

I love the square foot gardening method because it was so simple and I didn't have to dig up my yard (no tilling, yay!). I just mixed the soils that I purchased from the co -op and put them in my raised beds, planted the seeds, gave them a drink, and that's it!! Love it and so easy.

I haven't crocheted or made anything in about a month either! I have been so busy working at my job , working in the yard, or doing housework. By the time I relax - all I want to do is go to bed. I do have a few ideas in my head, so we'll see. Maybe I'll use up some fabric and do some pillows for my bedroom.

Anywho - I'm gonna post a pic or two of my girls and show you all how cute they

Take Care and Happy Crafting everyone!!

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Darlene said...

yaaaa! Chickens! I always love it when someone starts raising hens! I am having so much fun with my new babies this year, good luck to you!!