Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some new pics and thoughts

Stopping in to say hello again :) I've been busy working, being mom and wife, and camping :), so I needed to get back on here to post some pics and some thoughts.

My first thought is that I have been seeing so many people putting Christmas decorations up already!!!! What happened to the Thanksgiving Holiday?? No turkey cut outs on the doors or fall wreaths, no Happy Thanksgiving signs hung on the doors either? In my opinion, I think it's bad enough that retailers push Christmas on us in Oct. , now this!
Don't get me wrong - I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I love the sights, smells, and the feelings of Christmastime. I don't like that people rush things. I want Christmas to come along in a "normal" way - after Thanksgiving. Just my opinion.

My next thought is that it is snowing here already! Are we in for a very cold winter? Maybe. Hubby says no, but I beg to differ. It wouldn't bother me if it was. I love the Fall and Winter. I bake, craft, and hang out with the family more. I love to smell everyone's fireplaces burning and there are no more darn mosquitoes!lol

Finally, I've been thinking about the New Year. I really hope it's better than this past year. Financially, it's been terrible. I wished I could have done more with the children, paid all of my bills on time, and been able to afford a few things that we desperately need. But, I'm optimistic that next year will bring better things for us and I hope it brings better things for everyone else as well.

On a lighter note - I am posting some pics of the children in their Halloween best, my grand daughter, and my newest creations for Gods tiny angels. I send my crocheted hats off to Heartfelt Angels and I am going to donate a few afghans to my local hospital this year.

Enjoy the pics and Happy Crafting!

My baby hats

Ally's school pic

Noah's school pic

Jaelynn - my grandbaby

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Noah and Ally in their Halloween outfits.

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