Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stopping in for an update

Well, my grand baby finally turned 2 on Sunday! We had a BIG party at my house for her and of course, she received a ton of presents. It was really fun, with family, friends, and alot of kids there. The food was sooo good (my hubby is a grill, and there were pasta salads, cake, brownies, deviled eggs, my famous potato salad and my even more famous meatballs! lol

I baked my grand baby an AWESOME cupcake cake. It turned out so cute, that I had to take pics of it and post them here (along with some from her Disney Princess Party).

This week I started an Etsy shop and so far I have sold 2 things! YAY! While I don't ever expect to make a fortune off of this, it is exciting when you sell something! I mostly have vintage and not so vintage sewing patterns on right now. I'm trying to unclutter my collection. I also have a couple of handmade purses too. Just look up bigdogmom130's etsy shop and that's me!

Well, let me post these pics because I still have a handful of patterns to post!

Have a great day, stay cool and dry, and Happy Crafting!!

My #2 Cupcake Cake! I used 26 cupcakes for this!

Jaelynn getting ready for 2 birthday cakes! She is sooo spoiled.

Yummmmm... Mom Mom's cupcake cake!

Wow, that's a big gift! lol

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